Bitwarden Authenticator protects online services and applications

Bitwarden launched a standalone app for two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect online services and applications from unauthorized access.

Bitwarden Authenticator generates and stores time-based one-time passwords (TOTP), enabling all users to add a second verification layer across all accounts and devices to ensure identities are confirmed before gaining access to critical data.

Bitwarden Authenticator benefits

Two-factor authentication is a core identity verification measure, enabling enterprises to embrace passwords and deliver added layers of security at scale. Bitwarden Authenticator is a modern authentication solution that uses widely adopted standards like TOTP verification codes to enable 2FA across accounts. This mitigates the vulnerabilities associated with less secure 2FA methods susceptible to phishing attacks, code interceptions, and stolen SIM cards.

Setting the stage for Bitwarden Authenticator

Password management at home and at work is a critical first line of defense to ensure security resilience for individuals and organizations. The 2024 Bitwarden World Password Day survey revealed that individual users maintain poor cybersecurity habits in their personal lives.

25% of global respondents reuse passwords across 11-20+ sites and 36% use personal information in passwords. These practices follow employees into the workplace. 37% admit to risky security behaviors, such as frequently reusing passwords for work accounts (47%); storing passwords insecurely (35%); and using weak passwords (39%).

28% of respondents further revealed that they don’t use any form of multi-factor (MFA) for work accounts, with those that do relying on easily phishable methods like SMS (50%). Conversely, recent third party data shows organizations have room for improvement as well, with 62% of respondents citing that MFA is still not mandatory for the entire workforce, with almost two-fifths failing to authenticate at least 25% of the time.

The driving force behind a lack of MFA adoption is perceived friction that causes login failures for employees, indicating the need for a more streamlined solution.

Bitwarden Authenticator ensures that everyone has access to seamless MFA across all accounts and devices.

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