Venafi launches 90-Day TLS Readiness Solution

Venafi launched its new 90-Day TLS Readiness Solution to help organizations comply with Google’s proposed 90-day TLS certificate standard, improving security posture while reducing the risk of certificate-related interruptions.

According to a Venafi study, 83% of organizations have been hit by certificate-related outages in the past 12 months, and 57% of organizations have experienced security incidents involving compromised TLS certificates. Shortening certificate lifespans will help businesses reduce the risk of compromise.

“Google’s proposal in the CA/Browser Forum to reduce TLS certificate lifespans to 90 days is an important step toward increasing the web’s responsiveness to emerging threats and technological advances, including quantum computing. This significantly decreases the risks associated with key compromises by reducing the value of a key to the attacker,” explained Ryan Hurst, former head of product at Google.

“Moreover, embracing automation not only enhances security but also mitigates the risk of outages, allowing organizations to reduce operational toil and free resources to work on more impactful tasks while supporting a more agile and trustworthy Web PKI,” added Hurst.

“Transitioning to the 90-day TLS certificate standard isn’t just about deploying technology—it’s a comprehensive organizational shift,” said Ryan Douglas, cybersecurity architect at FactSet. “Venafi has been a crucial partner in equipping us for this change, not only by automating our certificate lifecycle management with TLS Protect but also by partnering with us to build a robust, cross-team foundation that prevents outages and ensures continuous compliance with the new standard. With Venafi’s support, we are starting to prepare early for 90-Day TLS certificates to ensure our entire organization is set up for success during this transition.”

Venafi helps organizations implement an effective certificate management process at both the technical and organizational level. Powered by Venafi’s Control Plane for Machine Identities, the Venafi 90-Day TLS Readiness Solution leverages Venafi’s TLS Protect to proactively identify and map TLS certificates into a comprehensive certificate inventory and renewal schedule for an organization.

By delivering full visibility and control over TLS certificates—coupled with Venafi’s expert guidance to review policies, align processes, and design advanced automation workflows—this solution helps reduce the time and risk associated with automating the entire lifecycle process.

“Venafi’s 90-Day TLS Readiness Solution goes beyond the limited focus on certificate discovery and visibility that we see in the market today,” said Shivajee Samdarshi, CPO at Venafi. “Our solution combines automation technologies with strategic planning and support to help organizations simplify and navigate what is an overly complex process, enabling them to reduce outages, strengthen their overall security posture and ensure the agility required for initiatives like post-quantum cryptography.”

The Venafi 90-day TLS Readiness Solution is available now.

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