Datadog Event Management helps teams reduce alert fatigue

Datadog released IT Event Management to its suite of AIOps capabilities. With Event Management, Datadog intelligently consolidates, correlates and enriches all alert events and important signals from Datadog and existing third-party observability tools into one consistent view. This process reduces alert fatigue so teams can focus their time and resources on remediating issues.

Datadog Event Management

Maintaining service availability is a critical challenge in today’s complex IT environments. When a critical incident arises, operations teams often face an overload of disparate alerts, causing confusion and delay as they prioritize issues, identify service owners and discover the underlying cause. This can result in alert fatigue, unnecessary duplication of efforts and, in the case of an outage, can negatively impact revenue and customer experience.

Datadog’s AIOps capabilities enable teams to proactively identify underlying causes, reduce noise with intelligent event correlation and take action sooner. By integrating Datadog’s IT service management offerings into a customer’s existing ecosystems, Event Management enhances responders’ ability to triage quickly with intelligent correlation, deduplication and enrichment of events with observability context across all services and applications. This gives operations teams a complete picture of underlying causes so they can respond to and remediate issues.

“With Datadog’s Event Management, we’ve fundamentally changed how we correlate alerts by cutting through the noise and reducing redundancy. Now, instead of grappling with multiple incidents from the same root cause, we get one consolidated incident in our Incident Management tool,” said Martin Cote, Vice President, Head of Infrastructure at Tecsys Inc. “This streamlined approach has transformed our operations by simplifying the work of our Site Reliability Engineers and reducing our alert incidents by 69%.”

“The volume of incoming alerts and events can quickly become untenable as systems grow in scale and complexity, making it increasingly difficult for teams to prioritize which issues require immediate attention and to summarize and route them to the necessary teams,” said Michael Whetten, VP of Product at Datadog.

“Event Management addresses this challenge by automatically reducing the massive volume of events and alerts into actionable signals that can generate tickets, call an incident or trigger an automated remediation through our Workflows product. With the release of Event Management, Datadog now offers a robust AIOps solution that helps operations teams automate remediation, intelligently and proactively prevent outages, and reduce the impact of an incident,” added Whetten.

With the addition of Event Management, Datadog’s AIOps capabilities help organizations to:

  • Unify alert data: Aggregate alerts and change events from third-party tools and Datadog into one case view to break down tool sprawl and simplify investigations.
  • Enrich events with context: Automatically enrich ingested events with business-specific data from a configuration management database or operational spreadsheet, and normalize events with consistent tagging or create new tags for enhanced AIOps best practices.
  • Correlate events intelligently: Enable teams to focus on what’s really important with intelligent correlation powered by AI that helps relieve alert fatigue and reduce duplicative efforts.
  • Accelerate remediation: Automate triage workflows and reduce investigation time by escalating and prioritizing cases, creating tickets in the preferred IT Service Management tool or automating notifications to triage alongside observability context for accelerated discovery.

Event Management is now generally available. It can be purchased as a standalone product or as an addition to existing Datadog products.

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