Trellix Database Security protects sensitive data

Trellix announced an enhanced Trellix Database Security, available immediately. Trellix Database Security strengthens customers’ overall security posture by protecting sensitive data in leading database types, including legacy databases, from advanced threats while supporting compliance initiatives.

Trellix Database Security

“Data can be an organization’s most valuable asset, and database security needs to evolve at a rapid pace to ensure sensitive data is safeguarded from increased risk of exposure,” said John Morgan, XDR GM, Trellix. “Trellix is building operational resilience for our customers by continuously innovating to protect the data they most need. Trellix Database Security represents the latest evolution in data security, with capabilities to address security gaps and protect data from potential leaks and threats.”

Data breaches can have catastrophic consequences for organizations, especially in sectors with highly sensitive information like healthcare and government, where databases often contain the most valuable data.

Trellix Database Security includes database activity monitoring (DAM), vulnerability manager, and virtual patching to find, classify, and defend sensitive information in leading database types and legacy databases to keep them secured, patched, and protected. Customers can easily conduct regular health checks for configuration and coding issues and find performance problems.

Database activity monitoring: Safeguards databases against leaks by actively monitoring, logging, and detecting database access and irregularities while preemptively blocking potential threats before impact to the environment.

Vulnerability manager: Automates scanning activities to find supported databases and sensitive information across the environment. It also identifies and prioritizes known vulnerabilities to expedite detailed remediation and swiftly address security gaps.

Virtual patching: Stops intrusions and other exploits before a database breach. When available, virtual patches are automatically applied without impacting database availability. When database vendor patches aren’t available, or customers are unable to update a database, extra security is applied to keep it secure.

Benefits of Trellix Database Security include:

  • Discoverable data: Discover unknown databases, locating sensitive and proprietary information across the environment.
  • Supported compliance activities: Improve regulatory compliance by blocking unauthorized access to sensitive data and monitoring and responding to data events.
  • Enhanced security: Identify known and unknown vulnerabilities, automate patching, and reinforce security when patches are not available.
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