Accenture partners with Mandiant to improve cybersecurity operations

Accenture and Mandiant, part of Google Cloud, are teaming up to collaboratively deliver cyber resilience services to help organizations more efficiently detect, investigate, respond to and recover from cyberattacks.

As part of the partnership, Accenture will utilize Mandiant Threat Intelligence, a comprehensive and actionable platform, and Mandiant expertise in its Cyber Resilience services.

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing, with cybercriminals and nation-state actors adopting new ways to target victims and evade detection. According to Accenture’s Cyber-Resilient CEO report, three-quarters (74%) of CEOs are concerned about their organizations’ ability to avert or minimize damage to the business from a cyberattack.

“With the rising volume and velocity of cyberattacks, effective management of a destructive cyber event hinges on having a dedicated 24/7 global team of highly skilled responders and a well-defined operational process. Organizations need trusted partners that can help manage the entire crisis response lifecycle from prevention to response and recovery,” said Robert Boyce, Global Cyber Resilience lead, Accenture. “Together with Mandiant, we will help organizations achieve a higher level of resiliency in the face of cyberattacks.”

The partnership brings further scale to Mandiant’s Incident Response insights by leveraging Accenture’s global presence and industry expertise in crisis response and business recovery. Together, Mandiant and Accenture will help clients to gain better insights and understanding of cyber threats and vulnerabilities specific to their businesses and recover from incidents more efficiently.

Additionally, as an expansion of Accenture and Google Cloud’s partnership announced last year, Mandiant Threat Intelligence is now embedded in Accenture’s Adaptive Managed Extended Detection and Response (MxDR) service with Google Chronicle Security Operations.

“Business resilience requires constant vigilance and proactive measures to stay ahead of ever-evolving threats,” said Sandra Joyce, VP Google Threat Intelligence, Google Cloud. “Whether it is the continued growth of multi-faceted extortion or expansion of zero-day exploitation, organizations face a challenging threat landscape today. Leveraging partners like Accenture to deliver Google’s visibility and insights formed by our frontline engagements is an important next step for Mandiant to better enable security teams in operationalizing intelligence.”

Accenture and Mandiant are currently helping a major public sector organization in the Netherlands to significantly improve its cybersecurity operations by optimizing resources, reducing complexities and delivering threat-informed cyber defenses at scale.

Over the next five years, Accenture and Mandiant will provide the organization’s cybersecurity services, including MxDR, Incident Response and Remediation services and generative AI embedded capabilities. This approach will help the public sector organization better protect the digitized services it provides its citizens by increasing visibility of new threats and lowering risk exposure.

“End to end incident response and curated cyber threat intelligence services are essential for organizations to protect their data and assets from cyberattacks,” said Cathy Huang, Research Director, Worldwide Security Services, IDC. “By working with a trusted partner like Accenture and Mandiant, organizations can gain peace of mind that they have

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