Liongard unveils Managed Attack Surface Solution for SMBs, mid-market, and enterprise clients

Liongard unveils its latest innovation: the Managed Attack Surface Solution for SMBs, mid-market, and enterprise clients. This solution combines its ASM platform with the expertise of its extensive global managed IT service partner network, providing comprehensive visibility, protection and resources against evolving cyber threats.

With cybercrime estimates projected to skyrocket, reaching almost $14 trillion by 2028 according to Statista’s Market Insights, the need for robust ASM capabilities has never been more pressing.

Recognizing these challenges, Liongard’s Managed Attack Surface Solution empowers organizations of all sizes with a proactive approach to securing their attack surface. “Liongard is proud to introduce our Managed Attack Surface Solution to SMBs, mid-market, and enterprise clients,” said Michelle Accardi, CEO of Liongard. “By complementing our cutting-edge technology with the expertise of our global service partner network, we equip organizations to effectively manage their attack surface and fortify their cybersecurity defenses.”

Liongard’s Managed Attack Surface Solution for SMBs, mid-market, and enterprise clients provides access to Liongard’s global network of highly skilled and certified managed IT service partners (MSPs/MSSPs) who offer tailored solutions to meet the scale, complexity, and flexibility that organizations need. Other key benefits of the platform include:

  • Continuous monitoring for proactive management: Organizations can mitigate cyber threats before they can be exploited, reducing the potential risk for data breaches and cyberattacks through continuous monitoring and detection of misconfigurations and unauthorized changes within the IT environment over time.
  • Actionable insights: Enterprises are empowered to make informed decisions and prioritize security measures effectively by Liongard’s platform providing actionable insights into their attack surface.
  • Liongard’s AI companion, Leo: Liongard’s AI companion, Leo, enhances the capabilities of our Managed Attack Surface Solution, providing advanced support to address cyber resilience and cyber security needs.

As an integral component of Liongard’s ASM-focused suite of solutions, the Managed Attack Surface Solution reinforces Liongard’s commitment to empowering SMBs, mid-market, and enterprise clients against cybersecurity threats.

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