Relyance AI release Asset Intelligence and DSPM for data visibility and compliance

Relyance AI unveiled the release of Asset Intelligence and Data Security Posture Management, the first DSPM solution to bring together complete asset-level visibility and lineage to all sensitive enterprise data in the context of contractual and regulatory obligations.

Security and privacy leaders can now see where all data is stored at a fine-grain level, why it is stored there, who has access to it, and what risks exist with how it is being processed, bringing unprecedented clarity and control over a company’s most precious asset – their customer data.

The risk of regulatory fines, loss of reputation, and lawsuits from mishandling data or worse, data breaches, is skyrocketing. According to DLA Piper, fines from GDPR and other regulatory agencies topped $1.7B in 2023.

The problem for data security, privacy, and governance teams today is they often work with silos of information and are buried in alerts. They lack contextual understanding of the granular commitments the organization has made to their customers and partners. And they often don’t know until it’s too late where they are exposed in case of a breach or if data is used for training purposes when it should not be.

Privacy teams, meanwhile, typically look at data without understanding at a detailed level where it resides and who has access to it, causing them to feel less confident about their promises to regulators and customers. And governance teams lack contextual understanding over how to understand who has access to what and where and how to put proper controls in place.

Relyance AI addresses all of these problems by providing a single source of truth for all sensitive enterprise data and obligations across an organization, and proactive risk spotting for when the reality of processing data is not aligned to obligations. In short, Relyance AI provides 360 degree visibility to what, who, where, how, and why data is being processed in a given location.

With Asset Intelligence and Data Security Posture Management, Relyance AI allows an organization to:

  • Create a Unified Governance Layer: Monitor sensitive data in assets across your entire ecosystem and get visibility into rich security and governance metadata in the context of your obligations.
  • Proactively Take Action on Risks: AI-powered alerts allow you to find and address security and compliance risks.
  • End-to-End Lineage: Unlock end-to-end lineage and get visibility into granular data flows across your application stack to spot potential risks before they become problems.

“The Relyance AI Asset Intelligence and Data Posture Management platform offers a fresh and unique perspective on asset management and data protection. Built with scale and ease in mind (we saw results within a couple of hours of integrating with Relyance AI), it seamlessly lets me view my data assets and the associated security and governance metadata (where is the data physically hosted, who owns the data asset and the like) in the context of our commitments and obligations. I am excited to partner further with Relyance AI to enhance our data protection posture,” explains Swati Popuri, Data Privacy Architect, Allegis Group.

“Trust is the new currency and the most important asset a company has today,” noted Abhi Sharma, CEO of Relyance AI, “but the ability to prove trust to auditors and customers, while ensuring robust controls has been elusive–until now. Our new Asset Intelligence and Data Security Posture Management offering brings relief to enterprises grappling with data visibility and compliance uncertainties. Security and Privacy teams can work together to ensure they have the strongest safeguards in place so they can be confident in front of auditors and customers that they are doing everything possible to protect the data they have been entrusted with.”

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