Securing the future through cybersecurity education

In this Help Net Security round-up, we present excerpts from previously recorded videos in which security experts talk about the cybersecurity talent shortage and the role STEM education can play in solving that problem. They also discuss actions needed to improve cybersecurity education.

Complete videos

  • Avani Desai, CEO at Schellman, talks about how teaching STEM subjects like cybersecurity is essential for addressing the staffing crisis and ensuring that organizations have the talent to protect themselves from cyber threats in the years to come.
  • José-Marie Griffiths, President of Dakota State University, discusses how cybersecurity skills shortage is not just a mere inconvenience but a major threat compromising the safety and security of companies and putting the sensitive information of their clients and customers at risk.
  • Jason Hong, Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, discusses the steps both industry and academia can take to improve application security knowledge and secure coding education.

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