Encrypted Notepad: Open-source text editor

Encrypted Notepad, an open-source text editor, ensures your files are saved and loaded encrypted with AES-256. With no ads, no network connection required, and no unnecessary features, it’s a tool that simply works.

Encrypted Notepad

“Like the Windows Notepad app, it has no features besides text editing. If someone wants to share their saved+encrypted data among their devices, they can use services like Dropbox or NextCloud to do it,” Ivan Voras, the creator of Encrypted Notepad, told Help Net Security.

The files are encrypted using AES-256 and stored in the PGP/OpenPGP .asc format, which is interoperable with any other tool using the same standard. The OpenPGP and general crypto libraries used are:

  • ProtonMail’s libraries
  • CloudFlare’s circl
  • Golang’s x/crypto

Future plans and download

“The most probable change I’d do is make the UI better. I made Encrypted Notepad II with a framework called Fyne. While it has many benefits, including a quick way to build apps for multiple platforms (currently supported: Windows, Linux, Android), it needs some usability improvements. Other than that, I want to keep the app simple, but I’m open to user suggestions,” Voras concluded.

Encrypted Notepad is available for free on GitHub.

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