Tines’ AI features enhance workflow automation for security and IT teams

Tines announced its first native AI features: Automatic Mode and AI Action. Customers are already experiencing a significant impact from these two new AI capabilities within the Tines platform by leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs) in a trustworthy way to drive operational excellence.

Tines AI features

Tines’ new AI features supercharge existing benefits within its workflow automation platform by addressing key challenges security and IT teams consistently face. These benefits include optimized workload management, enhanced tool connectivity, improved error reduction, alert management and data accuracy, and smarter collaboration.

“Powerful workflows are best built by those who know them best, and these features demonstrate our commitment to bringing relief to overloaded teams while accelerating our customers’ ability to achieve operational excellence,” said Eoin Hinchy, CEO of Tines. “It’s always been possible to leverage LLMs within our platform, but AI in Tines is designed to be airtight as safeguarding customer data and privacy is an integral part of everything we do.”

The new features include:

  • Automatic Mode: Helps build more efficient workflows by allowing users to transform data with the full power of code, without the need to read or write it. This capability simplifies complex data transformation and manipulation, making it more accessible and manageable; and,
  • AI Action: Enables users to run more effective workflows by directly accessing and utilizing an LLM at any point in their workflow with even greater ease, and make decisions faster.

Combined with human ingenuity, the new AI-based features allow organizations of all sizes to be more efficient and secure, and create more engaged, happier teams. In fact, existing customers and partners have transformed the way their teams operate.

“Tines’ new AI features is unlocking new use cases for us,” said Allen Cox, MyFitnessPal’s senior director of security and IT. “In particular, automatic mode promises to help the team work faster and lower the barrier to entry for non-developers on the team.”

Tines partner Trace3 is also impressed with the new features. “AI in the Tines platform revolutionizes the way the whole team builds workflows,” said Landen Brown, practice director, cloud security and strategy, Trace3. “It’s fast and robust, enabling even the least technical staff to significantly enhance their workflow automation and quickly generate ROI for a customer’s business. We were thrilled by the impact when we used it ourselves.”

According to a recent report, 98% of large tech executives have paused their internal GenAI initiatives over security concerns. “The reason security and IT teams don’t trust AI yet is because they don’t have enough demonstrable proof of these systems doing what they say they’re going to do,” added Hinchy.

Tines ensures that businesses can confidently leverage LLMs within their automated workflows. Furthermore, humans are involved as needed, and reporting and established guardrails are used to ensure expected outcomes are achieved.

“Business leaders continue to face incredible pressure to define their stance on AI,” said Chris Kissel, VP, Security & Trust Products, IDC Research. “On one hand, the technology can offer a competitive advantage, but on the other, LLM integration can lead to real security issues. At the end of the day, it is all about trust. Tines’ intentional approach to its new AI features, which allow for human interaction as needed, align well with the market need to integrate AI within automated workflows at scale without the fear of inadvertently creating infrastructure vulnerabilities and compliance issues.”

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