CyberLink launches FaceMe Security version 7.15

CyberLink announced the latest release of FaceMe Security. A turnkey security and access control solution, FaceMe Security enables identity verification, attendance management, and access control through AI facial recognition, with real-time monitoring and alerts.

FaceMe Security is integrated with major video management systems (VMS), allowing them to identify and locate individuals faster through facial recognition.

New add-on feature: Notification monitor

Developed for security teams, the Notification Monitor add-on feature provides tools for enhanced security personnel productivity. Designed for security guards and viewed from approximately 10 feet (3 meters) away, the Notification Monitor alerts security personnel through instant events with blinking notifications and alert sounds when a blocklisted individual is detected by FaceMe Security.

It then displays updated information to quickly locate the blocklisted individual, including camera location, name, and live image. With accurate facial recognition detection and live alert notifications, the 10-feet UI Notification Monitor enables security to be proactive in stopping incidents before they happen – ideal for security teams in retail, casinos, and commercial properties.

“Having accurate facial recognition added to video surveillance is one step. When an intruder is identified it is of utmost importance to use that information in a timely manner,” said Mei Guu, President of CyberLink Business Unit 2. “The Notification Monitor’s active notification features enable security teams to take the next proactive step of catching someone in the act or even preventing an incident from taking place.”

CyberLink U Messenger: New features added

Previously integrated with the U Messenger communication app for alert notifications when a person on a list (VIP, blocklist, etc.) is identified, FaceMe Security Version 7.15 expands the feature set by adding greater flexibility. Users can now set specific alert parameters such as selecting specific cameras or times of day.

Alert notifications can also be sent to different U Messenger chat groups, for example, VIP notifications to the sales team, blocklist notifications to the security team, or employee notifications to the management team.

Additional 7.15 updates

Version 7.15 provides these additional updates to improve user experience.

  • More edge devices supported in FaceMe Security Terminal Add-Ons
  • Support for configuring precision levels for people groups and enrolled individuals, enabling customized thresholds for specific environments (i.e. lighting, camera quality, distance, etc.) to reduce false alarms or increase recognition
  • Support for Axis Camera Station 5 and Axis Camera Station Pro
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