Metomic’s Google User Groups feature alerts users when sensitive data might be at risk

Metomic launched its new integration with Google Groups. The feature enables IT and security teams to ensure data loss prevention (DLP) across all business units that leverage Google Groups, allowing organizations to better manage and enforce data security protections and compliance across the platform.

 Google User Groups

In addition to the Google Groups integration, Metomic also rolled out integrations with Google Drive Labels and external sharing detection and remediation capabilities in Google Drive.

By implementing Metomic’s Google User Groups feature, security teams can easily manage admin controls, while also achieving greater visibility into groups that may have potentially high-risk public files. The Google Drive Labels feature allows security teams to effectively categorize and manage files.

With the newly added external sharing detection and remediation for Google Drive, IT and security teams can quickly detect if a file is shared externally and, if necessary, remediate the risk—a major benefit for highly regulated businesses in the fintech and healthcare technology space.

According to industry reports, Google controls more than 44% of the office productivity software market, with everyone from SMBs to large enterprises taking advantage of Google’s various workspace apps. While these tools offer unparalleled collaboration between departments and drive productivity throughout an organization, they can also be a challenge when it comes to data security risks.

Last year, a data breach investigations report from Verizon revealed that 74% of data breaches involved a human element—meaning that someone had either inadvertently caused an error that resulted in a data breach or purposely exploited sensitive data.

With Metomic’s Google User Groups integration, IT and security teams can create workflows that allow them to govern data across the group, manage admin permissions, and modify access controls with ease. The Google Drive Labels feature makes it possible to view all Google Drive Labels within the Metomic dashboard, vastly improving visibility, enhancing compliance and security, and offering more efficient management capabilities.

And with the additional external sharing detection and remediation in Google Drive, security leaders can identify a security risk within the Google Drive workspace before it becomes a major catastrophe.

“We know how important Google’s productivity tools are to businesses around the world. Major organizations rely on Google Groups, Google Labels, and Google Drive access to reach their most critical business goals. But we also know just how vulnerable these platforms can be to a breach without the right data security protections in place,” said Rich Vibert, CEO, Metomic.

“Our research shows that 40% of Google Drive Files contain sensitive data. We built these integrations with this data point in mind, ensuring businesses of all sizes—and from all sectors—can take full advantage of Google’s collaborative apps without putting their organizations at risk of a data security breach. With Metomic in place, your security team gains a robust data management solution that empowers your employees to make informed decisions about the files they share. Employees across the organization can embrace these collaborative apps, while the security team can rest easy with full visibility into the platforms,” added Vibert.

Metomic’s newly-added integrations come with automated employee notifications to alert users when sensitive data might be at risk, while also educating users on the importance of data security. With this latest roll-out, Metomic furthers its commitment to help businesses foster a culture of responsibility and awareness around data security.

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