eSentire introduces MDR for GenAI Visibility

Leveraging security telemetry across an organization’s log and network data sources, eSentire’s MDR for GenAI Visibility solution provides daily insights into an organization’s use of GenAI technology, including the most frequently used AI applications, the users of the technology, the prompts, and the files shared.

eSentire MDR GenAI Visibility

With this intelligence, security leaders can measure the organizational risks presented by Generative AI and Large Language Model (LLM) usage, while ensuring adherence to their corporate Generative AI policies.

By 2025, Gartner expects Generative AI will play a role in 70% of text and data-heavy tasks, up from less than 10% in 2023 (Gartner, 2024). Consumption of GenAI applications, including LLMs, has created a new attack surface for security leaders to manage, presenting exponential risks for individual privacy, sensitive data and organizational intellectual property. eSentire’s MDR for GenAI Visibility provides a daily reporting dashboard that builds the association between workplace AI usage, productivity gains and risks by:

  • Improving visibility into corporate Generative AI usage
  • Strengthening policy adherence and control
  • Identifying risks in user and application interaction
  • Helping security leaders understand emerging GenAI news and trends with curated threat intelligence

This pioneering MDR solution is the latest innovation in Generative AI from eSentire, who has also optimized AI-powered Security Operations Center (SOC) and customer use cases to improve security outcomes, leveraging its eSentire AI Investigator, which launched in June 2023.

eSentire’s leadership in Generative AI is made possible by Atlas, its open, Extended Detection and Response(XDR) low-code orchestration platform. By leveraging proprietary GenAI frameworks, powered by over two decades of security investigation experience and eSentire’s normalized security data mesh, the company can scale expert annotations, from its elite SOC cyber analysts and Threat Response Unit (TRU) researchers, to generate automated actions across the Atlas platform, hardening customer protections efficiently at scale.

“This exciting launch perfectly demonstrates the innovation cycle here at eSentire,” says Dustin Hillard, CTO, eSentire. “The vision for this offering originated in eSentire Labs and was made possible by the normalized data mesh, which is foundational to eSentire’s Atlas XDR platform. Our security experts can rapidly build security analytics with our low-code platform, to mine normalized network and log data. We have commercialized eSentire MDR for GenAI Visibility in less than three months, providing unmatched value to security leaders looking to understand and reduce GenAI risk across their corporate environments.”

This first introduction to eSentire’s MDR for GenAI portfolio is available now as an exclusive preview for no charge, for a limited time, until October 31, 2024. It is available to new and existing customers leveraging eSentire’s MDR services, including log and network data sources. eSentire will be complementing its Visibility solution with additional threat hunting, investigation and complete response offerings throughout 2024.

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