Grammarly delivers enhanced security and control features for safer AI use

Grammarly announced an extensive set of new security, deployment, and control features to meet soaring enterprise demand for comprehensive, secure AI communication assistance. Grammarly already serves leading enterprises like Salesforce, Atlassian, Zoom, Expedia Group, Eventbrite, and Siemens.

Employees spend a staggering 88% of their time communicating across multiple channels, and the onset of generative AI makes workplaces even noisier. Companies are looking to tap into AI’s promise of productivity, but don’t have confidence in the security of many AI solutions and find they only add more complexity and risk.

Grammarly offers organizations of all sizes the safe way to use AI to enhance and standardize communication across their entire business, now with even more of the control, visibility, and flexibility an enterprise needs.

“Businesses are racing to maximize AI’s impact across their organizations, but enterprise-ready AI can’t be built overnight,” said Holger Mueller, VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research. “There’s a pressing need for business-aware AI solutions that not only deliver impressive functionality, but can be trusted to be easily and widely implemented without introducing risks. The providers who prevail will be those with a long track record of investing in safe and secure AI, and who balance innovation with meeting enterprises’ complex infrastructure and compliance needs.”

With the updates, Grammarly offers the most robust enterprise security and control features of any AI communication assistance company. The new features enable Grammarly Enterprise customers to:

Enhance security by further protecting information on their own terms:

  • Bring your own key (BYOK) and session timeout give customers full control over access and encryption and further protect against unauthorized access.

Easily deploy, tailor, and manage Grammarly across organizations:

  • Custom roles, group-level security controls, and enterprise cost-center visibility enable customers to flexibly manage, customize access to, and confidently scale Grammarly—all without additional overhead.

In addition to these advanced features, Grammarly is further empowering teams to communicate on-brand everywhere with a new Figma plugin. Grammarly’s AI communication assistance now works directly in the popular collaborative interface design tool, expanding Grammarly’s existing support across 500,000 other apps and websites.

“When teams communicate better, businesses deliver better results,” said Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, CEO of Grammarly. “Yet, employees are caught in a never-ending loop of nonstop emails, documents, and messages that prevents them from getting work done. Thousands of businesses trust Grammarly as the secure AI communication layer that sits across all applications, devices, and platforms to cut through the noise and get the job done wherever and however teams work.”

Scaling enterprise impact with AI

Grammarly has been perfecting AI communication assistance for over 15 years, and businesses already report that using Grammarly saves them an average of 19 working days—or nearly a full working month—per employee per year in productivity. For a large enterprise with thousands of employees, that’s thousands of months’ worth of working time companies can reinvest in more impactful projects and innovation.

Grammarly’s features such as built-in style guides, brand tone profiles, and customized text snippets ensure a consistent brand voice and compliance, while enterprise-specific generative AI capabilities, app actions, and strategic suggestions help teams communicate even more efficiently across applications. Now enterprises can confidently scale their use of AI faster and further while maintaining security and oversight.

“Grammarly is one of those AI tools that goes past the hype to help us get work done,” said Debbie Cotton, Senior Manager of Culture and Internal Communication at HackerOne. “It’s already been a game-changer for our productivity and content quality, and the new features only reinforce our trust in Grammarly even further. Having an AI partner so invested in our needs and security gives us great confidence as we continue to grow together.”

“Grammarly is essential for producing high-quality, consistent content across our global team, and the Figma plugin takes this to the next level,” said Sami Harvey Reed, Head of Content Design at Eventbrite. “We’re already saving so much time with the plugin, and knowing we can keep expanding our AI use without risking our security and privacy is incredibly reassuring.”

All of Grammarly’s developments squarely position it as the only AI writing partner with exhaustive availability across tools, deep understanding of company and personal context, and stringent security and controls necessary to meet enterprise needs. Grammarly has prioritized secure, private, and responsible AI since day one, with the most comprehensive enterprise-grade certifications and compliance of any AI communication assistance company. It never sells customer data or lets third parties store or use it to train their models.

Session timeout, custom roles, and group-level security controls are all available today in Grammarly Enterprise. BYOK and enterprise cost-center visibility will roll out to Enterprise customers in the coming weeks. The new Figma plugin is available for all Grammarly customers (individual, business, and educational.

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