Lastwall Quantum Shield delivers protection against Q-Day threats

Lastwall launched Quantum Shield, a quantum resilient product that protects conventional network infrastructures with the latest quantum cryptographic standards. Lastwall is backed by Blue Bear Capital, BlueWing Ventures, and 18 West Capital Partners.

Lastwall Quantum Shield

In light of identity-related incidents continuing to dominate today’s headlines, concerns about emerging ‘Steal-Now-Decrypt-Later’ campaigns targeting all sectors—from defense to critical infrastructure—are at an all-time high. Most pressing is the impending threat of a cryptographically relevant quantum computer, Q-Day, which has the capability to break the majority of modern encryptions.

With the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) set to release updated guidance on approved quantum-resilient algorithms within the next 30-60 days, the widespread adoption of quantum-resistant solutions is more important than ever.

Leveraging a NIST pre-approved algorithm that integrates Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) into the Transport Layer Security (TLS) layer of network traffic, Lastwall’s Quantum Shield significantly enhances security. Designed to be crypto-agile, Quantum Shield can rapidly update with minimal configuration changes to accommodate newly approved algorithms as NIST standards evolve.

“Quantum cryptographic resilience is central to our product stack, with our identity platform built around this as a core defensive principle,” stated Karl Holmqvist, CEO, Lastwall. “Having successfully provided transport layer resilience to our internal and client security operations, we now aim to make it accessible to all organizations through our Quantum Shield offering. The urgency to protect critical data intensifies as the acceleration of quantum computational capabilities advances. Having a fast, easy-to-deploy solution that has been thoroughly vetted will be helpful to those who recognize the need to act now.”

Lastwall’s Quantum Shield is a mass-deployable, quantum-safe TLS terminator and load balancer. Featuring an easy one-click installation, Quantum Shield seamlessly replaces existing TLS terminators and load balancers, delivering an immediate and critical foundation of quantum resilience for network data and communications.

As a quantum-hardened network endpoint, Quantum Shield meets the highest and most rigorous standards of security, compliance, and efficiency, effectively managing network traffic and enabling the protection of conventional network infrastructure with the latest quantum cryptographic standards.

“We have been working with Lastwall since 2017, and its platform has consistently evolved to meet our increasing needs,” stated John Chen, Chief Information Officer, Defense Innovation Unit, U.S. Department of Defense. “Lastwall’s focus on Zero Trust and secure by design components, coupled with its ability to exceed compliance requirements, provides significant advantages in addressing today’s dynamic threat landscape. We’re excited to continue leveraging their advanced capabilities, especially at a time when quantum resilience is becoming increasingly critical.”

“Quantum Shield is timely and essential. With NIST soon releasing quantum-resilient algorithm guidelines, Lastwall is not just meeting but anticipating the rigorous security needs of global industries.” stated Carolin Funk, Partner, Blue Bear Capital. “We are proud to back their mission to build and deploy advanced digital defense solutions, ensuring that critical data and IT infrastructure is secured against emerging cybersecurity threats.”

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