Align strengthens defense against double-extortion ransomware tactics

Align adds a new exfiltration prevention feature to its Align Guardian Managed Detection and Response offering, powered by Adlumin. This innovation is designed to detect and stop attackers from exfiltrating data, providing a defense against modern ransomware tactics that employ double-extortion techniques.

The new ransomware and exfiltration prevention feature complements Guardian’s existing ransomware prevention capabilities, which already stop ransomware encryption fast enough to save 99% of files. This comprehensive approach now protects organizations from both data encryption and theft, neutralizing the two primary tactics used by ransomware gangs.

“In today’s evolving threat landscape, cybercriminals are constantly adapting their tactics. The addition of exfiltration prevention to our Guardian solution demonstrates our commitment to innovation and supporting our clients to stay ahead of these threats,” said Vinod Paul, President of Align Managed Services. “For our clients in the alternative investment industry and beyond, this enhanced protection is crucial in maintaining the security of sensitive data.”

The new feature works by strategically placing decoy files to attract malicious actors. It then monitors these files for signs of encryption or data exfiltration, terminating any suspicious processes at the earliest stages. This proactive approach significantly reduces the risk of successful ransomware attacks and data breaches.

Align’s Managed Services clients will automatically benefit from this new feature at no additional cost.

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