AttackIQ Mission Control simplifies security testing for distributed teams

AttackIQ has introduced a new functionality for enterprise customers – AttackIQ Mission Control. AttackIQ Mission Control enhances AttackIQ Enterprise BAS deployments within large organizations, streamlining security testing for distributed teams.

AttackIQ Mission Control

As the use of the BAS platforms by large organizations expands over time, centralized testing missions are often difficult to execute uniformly across distributed departments, business units, and field offices. Organizations may be slower to benefit from BAS technology due to the challenges less technical personnel face with system administration and use.

As continuous security validation identifies security gaps it is critical for the organizations to promptly assess the impact, remediate as needed, and validate improvements. The delayed remediation of identified vulnerabilities not only fails to promptly mitigate risks but also consumes additional resources and time, ultimately diminishing program return on investment.

AttackIQ’s Mission Control addresses these challenges directly by enabling security teams to direct and orchestrate testing across distributed workforces. Within the Mission Control interface, security administrators can customize and manage testing for their departments, business units, or geographic office locations at the click of a button. Members of security teams assigned to these entities can then concentrate on the assessments assigned to their role. Once security gaps are identified and remediated, teams can easily rerun assessments and track performance.

Reviewers are provided business entity insights analytics that show coverage and success by MITRE ATT&CK tactic, the top MITRE ATT&CK tactics, techniques, procedures not prevented nor detected, and much more in test summary dashboard and reporting. The highly simplified interface facilitates faster user adoption of the platform and shorter time to finding and fixing security gaps.

“With the addition of AttackIQ Mission Control, we have improved the pace of continuous security validation by making the technology easier to use and administer,” said Carl Wright, CCO at AttackIQ. “Regardless of your experience and skill level, you can more rapidly leverage the benefits of continuous validation within your business unit, field office, or department. AttackIQ continues to lead change within the BAS industry by transforming how organizations can use continuous security validation to reduce risk and increase ROI on critical cybersecurity programs. Our goal is to democratize and simplify testing for everyone.”

Key features of AttackIQ Mission Control include:

  • Seamless, centralized administration: Administrators can rapidly and easily create unique roles and testing assignments for users based on their mission objectives, ensuring unified testing efforts across decentralized teams.
  • Role based testing insights: Assigned entity areas allow users to view and analyze test results relevant to their unique roles. Users get comprehensive analytics covering performance by test point, tactic, and technique, with an intuitive scoring system to guide continuous improvement and ensure shorter time to identifying and fixing security gaps.
  • Accelerated testing workflows: Users can easily run and re-run their assigned assessments from dedicated workspaces for added testing simplicity and greater workflow efficiency.

Unique to the BAS industry, AttackIQ’s Mission Control feature brings an easier and more effective way to use your AttackIQ Enterprise breach and attack simulation platform.

AttackIQ Mission Control is available now to AttackIQ Enterprise Customers.

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