Egnyte Copilot accelerates enterprise content collaboration

Egnyte launched Egnyte Copilot, its AI-driven assistant designed to accelerate and transform enterprise content collaboration.

Egnyte Copilot enables Egnyte customers to start engaging in AI-powered conversations with their own private and trusted data through a simple, turnkey solution while keeping that data internally and externally secure.

Egnyte Copilot streamlines content management by surfacing insights, summarizing documents, creating new content, and transcribing multimedia—all within Egnyte’s robust content governance framework. As part of this release, Egnyte end users can now designate specific groupings of files as “Knowledge Bases” for focused AI answers and configure each base using domain-specific prompt libraries to guide the AI’s responses.

“Egnyte Copilot is designed to overcome some of the most pertinent challenges to AI adoption today,” said Vineet Jain, CEO at Egnyte. “Authentic responses built on company data, complete data privacy, and minimal user training requirements ensure that with Egnyte Copilot, our customers can hit the ground running in their AI journey.”

With this latest release, new and existing customers on eligible plans will have access to:

  • Image file support: Extract and describe specific information within an image file.
  • Audio and video file support: Leverage AI to summarize the contents of audio and video files, create transcripts, and surface key insights and citations.
  • Custom prompts: Guide the Egnyte Copilot’s responses with context-specific instructions and prompt recommendations
  • Knowledge bases: Run AI queries across thousands of files. Bases can be created by non-admin users around:
    • Specific projects, e.g., for a particular client, M&A target, marketing campaign;
    • File types, e.g., contracts, board presentations, resumes, new business proposals; or,
    • Knowledge domains, e.g., product specifications, safety regulations, IT support guides, HR benefits, and financial plans.

Users can interact with Egnyte Copilot features seamlessly via Egnyte’s web, mobile, tablet, and desktop applications, making it easy to integrate into their workflows.

Dalmore Capital, a fund management company with £5.5 billion+ assets under management, uses Egnyte’s Knowledge Bases to help its Asset Management team get quick answers based on information that’s spread across thousands of contractual and technical documents.

“Egnyte Copilot was a very practical option for us,” said Alan Matthews, head of IT at Dalmore Capital. “As it was built into the platform our employees already trust and use for file access and sharing, we didn’t have to worry about syncing content with other AI services, training people on new tools, or, most important, the security and confidentiality of our data.”

These announcements continue Egnyte’s strategy of integrating technology solutions into a cohesive, secure content platform that addresses the domain-specific needs of particular business disciplines and verticals. The Egnyte platform also offers purpose-built, AI-powered solutions enabling IT personnel to enhance security posture management and project managers in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industries to automate key business processes.

The company also recently announced new integrations with Microsoft 365, enabling customers to share Egnyte AI-generated document labels with Microsoft security applications and run AI queries on data stored within Egnyte through Microsoft Teams, using Microsoft’s own Copilot application.

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