IT-Harvest incorporates security scores from Black Kite into its dashboard

IT-Harvest announced the integration of Black Kite‘s cyber third-party risk intelligence into the IT-Harvest Dashboard.

IT-Harvest Dashboard

This collaboration provides users with a detailed view into cyber third-party risk for more than 3,900 cybersecurity vendors, enhancing the platform’s capabilities with comprehensive insights into the cybersecurity landscape.

The cybersecurity industry is growing rapidly as new solutions emerge to combat the endless barrage of new threats. It’s nearly impossible for cybersecurity buyers to evaluate the options in a crowded market. As vendors in the supply chain are increasingly high-risk targets, understanding a solution provider’s risk profile becomes imperative.

The IT-Harvest Dashboard, renowned for its extensive database and detailed vendor analysis, will now include Black Kite’s cyber risk intelligence, offering users a more complete view of vendor security postures and potential risks.

“The cyber third-party risk intelligence delivered by the Black Kite Platform is a critical component of how companies can effectively manage cyber risk and provides a complete and accurate understanding of cyber ecosystem exposure,” said Paul Paget, CEO of Black Kite. “By collaborating with IT-Harvest, we further our mission to improve the health and safety of the entire planet’s cyber ecosystem by providing more organizations access to respected standards-based measures available in our platform.”

This integration marks a significant step forward in IT-Harvest’s commitment to providing the highest quality cybersecurity research and insights. With the inclusion of Black Kite’s Data Breach Index which offers historical breach context about data breaches, and Black Kite’s Ransomware Susceptibility Index (RSI), which uses data and machine learning to discover the likelihood that an organization will experience ransomware attack, IT-Harvest clients will have access to a more detailed view of risk. This empowers them to anticipate issues and make better-informed decisions regarding their cybersecurity strategies and investments.

“Integrating Black Kite’s data into our dashboard significantly enhances our ability to provide comprehensive intelligence on cybersecurity vendors,” said Richard Stiennon, chief research analyst for IT-Harvest. “Black Kite’s data is the most trusted in the industry and this partnership aligns perfectly with our goal of delivering the most up-to-date and detailed cybersecurity research to our clients.”

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