Pentera updates RansomwareReady to secure Linux environments

Pentera announced a major update to its RansomwareReady product, enabling customers to proactively test the security of their Linux environments.

Pentera RansomwareReady

With this addition, Pentera empowers organizations to adopt proactive measures against the world’s most pervasive and destructive ransomware strains across Windows and Linux operating systems.

With an average cost of $5.13m per attack, ransomware represents the single greatest cyber threat to an organization’s bottom line. According to threat intelligence research, threat actors have pivoted to more frequently target Linux operating systems, with ransomware attacks against the OS increasing by 4x between H1 2021 and H1 2023.

“At the heart of RansomwareReady is the expertise of the Pentera Labs’ research team. Our team have meticulously architected a safe version of the complete LockBit 3.0 ransomware campaign to test the vulnerability of Linux environments,” said Ran Tamir, CPO at Pentera. “Pentera challenges existing security controls against ransomware without the adverse effects of a real attack. Our in-depth security testing reveals the root cause of possible attacks, enabling security teams to effectively prioritize remediations and become attack-ready.”

With the addition of the LockBit 3.0 campaign, the platform emulates the enhanced security and evasion TTPs that define LockBit 3.0, and have made it so difficult to detect and mitigate. This enables security teams to test the effectiveness of their SOC operations and XDR toolsets against real attack scenarios.

With its safe-by-design attack engine, RansomwareReady emulates entire ransomware campaigns against the organization’s in-production environment. The platform:

  • Emulates many of the most destructive ransomware strains including Maze, REvil, Conti, LockBit 2.0 and Lockbit 3.0
  • Identifies vulnerable endpoints as well as the lateral pathways adversaries can utilize to target critical assets and encrypt and exfiltrate data across Windows and Linux environments
  • Enables security teams to validate the effectiveness of existing security controls and endpoint security tools against ransomware attacks
  • Utilizes the exact indicators of compromise (IOCs) as the original campaigns, ensuring real responses from existing security controls
  • Provides a prioritized step-by-step guide for remediation to harden security and ensure organizations are ransomware ready
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