Prompt Security introduces GenAI security solution for MSSPs

Prompt Security announced its product and go-to-market support for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). This strategic initiative has already resulted in partnerships with MSSPs across Europe, the Middle East, North America, and the Asia-Pacific region. These partnerships are aimed at delivering and managing security for the GenAI usage and deployments of their customers.

Prompt Security GenAI

Prompt Security enables enterprises to adopt GenAI while protecting against a full range of risks to their applications, employees, and customers. At every touchpoint of GenAI in an organization — from GenAI tools and assistants used by employees and developers to GenAI integrations in homegrown applications — Prompt Security inspects each prompt and model response to prevent the exposure of sensitive data, block harmful content, and secure against GenAI-specific attacks.

The solution also provides enterprise leadership with complete visibility and governance over the GenAI tools used within their organization.

The platform’s multitenancy and ease of deployment allow MSSPs to onboard new customers effortlessly, with just a few clicks, while maintaining full visibility and control. This ensures that MSSPs can deliver comprehensive GenAI risk management quickly, efficiently, and at scale, enabling their customers to safely adopt the technology. Additionally, these innovative capabilities give MSSPs a competitive edge by offering a complete GenAI Security solution as part of their portfolio.

“Prompt Security enhances Nebul by providing targeted protections against Shadow AI, facilitating the deployment of Generative AI for customer-facing applications and AI-enabled software development practices,” said Arnold Juffer, CEO of Nebul, a EU-based MSSP. “This ensures our EU customers can leverage the benefits and innovations of Generative AI while maintaining absolute data protection and privacy, alongside our stringent cybersecurity practices for EU data sets. Together, Nebul and Prompt Security offer a robust solution that minimizes risk for our customers, supporting both Cloud and On-Prem AI development and production use cases.”

“We are thrilled to be the first GenAI Security platform to deliver a comprehensive solution both product- and partnership-wise to MSSPs,” said Itamar Golan, CEO of Prompt Security. “We understand the immense value derived from this type of collaboration, and we provide MSSPs with a new solution to protect their customers from GenAI risks without the need for massive onboarding resources upfront. We are grateful to our partners, including Nebul, Cygnostic, HL Group, and CloudEdge, among others.”

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