Americas Spring Summit 2023

March 19-22, 2023
Denver, CO, USA

This event allow members to share collective knowledge and experience along the following tracks:

Building a diverse workforce – How can we attract and retain a talent pool with broad sets of skills and experience – the more kinds of thinking we have, the better equipped we’ll be to stay ahead of a constantly innovating adversary.

Securing the supply chain – We depend on many of the same suppliers of critical services and infrastructure, some of whom do not have the financial sector’s legacy of robust security. We will pool our resources to identify and address our common vulnerabilities.

Preparing for the quantum world – Infinitely faster and more powerful computers will unleash new business models – and may break current cryptographic standards. Now is the time to re-engineer our security practices and systems to withstand the watershed moment to come.

Protecting digital assets – With the rise of central bank digital currencies and stablecoins, the world’s financial firms will all enter the crypto world. We must learn to secure the new asset classes of Web 3.0.

Combatting cyber fraud – As instant payments become business-as-usual, our time to recognize and recall fraudulent payments during the settlement process is erased. We must shift from a fraud management paradigm to one of fraud prevention – before the transaction is initiated.

Managing identity and access – Perceptive and inventive fraudsters play on deeply embedded neural patterns to enter our systems and take over our customers’ accounts. How can we outsmart the con men to ensure availability only to the right people?

Mastering the ordinary with the extraordinary – New methods of incentivizing staff and customers to attend to the critical baseline cyber hygiene practices that close off the vast majority of threat actors’ entry points.

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