Cyber Intelligence Europe 2024

March 5-7,2024
Ashling Hotel, Dublin, Ireland

This event brings together leading cyber security officials from across Europe and North America to discuss the latest national cyber security strategies and policies.

Cyber Intelligence Europe will also discuss recent cybercrime trends and threats. With the event returning the European Union participants will be able to hear how EU nations share information and cooperate in combating cybercrimes.

Ireland suffered a huge ransomware attack on their healthcare IT system in 2021, which to this day, is still the largest cyber attack on a healthcare infrastructure. With the event taking place in Dublin, it will allow participants to see what lessons were learnt and where the Irish Government agencies are in terms of their cyber security capabilities.

Ireland provides a great case study on how the government deals with cyber security, response, and resilience. Being an island that is part of the EU but separated from mainland Europe there is added importance for different government agencies to collaborate and share information when dealing with cyber security threats.

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