Cyber Security Summit Belgium 2020

December 11, 2020-January 22, 2021

The summit will bring together a targeted group of 100 Cyber and Security professionals to discuss the most pertinent issues affecting the security and safety of the digital space.

This summit is a unique event at which interaction and learning from the experiences of others is key. In addition to a high-quality online programme, there are various activities where interaction and one-to-one contacts are central.

Sharing knowledge and connecting people are important success factors in order to adequately anticipate and respond to cybercrime. For example, through international agreements and knowledge development in the field of cyber security.

After all, safe internet and IT environments no longer have a supported function, but are now a core value for every organization. Therefore, the Cyber Security Summit 2020, where ICT & Cyber Professionals get together, is organized to learn from each other’s experience.

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