Fortify India 2024

July 24-25, 2024
Mumbai, India

Gathering 250+ CISOs, industry leaders, and tech enthusiasts, this summit is designed to shape a secure digital future, addressing crucial aspects of cybersecurity leadership, enterprise security, biometrics & identity, critical infrastructure and cyber-crime.

Join Fortify India to form alliances, share knowledge, and chart a course toward a secure, thriving and digitally inclusive future for India—one that empowers individuals, organizations, and the nation as a whole.

Why attend?

  • Network with leaders – Connect with industry pioneers, cybersecurity experts, and thought leaders, expanding your professional network and knowledge base.
  • Actionable insights – Gain practical knowledge and strategies that you can immediately apply to protect your digital assets and fortify your organization.
  • Learn from the best – Learn from seasoned professionals and trailblazers in cybersecurity through insightful keynotes and case studies, arming you against the latest cyber attacks.
  • Be a part of change – Join a community dedicated to making a real-world impact on India’s cybersecurity landscape.
  • Capture the flag – Experience the thrill of cybersecurity in action with the Capture the Flag (CTF) competition. Test your skills, solve puzzles, and conquer challenges in this event segment.

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