Hardwear.io 2020

October 1-2, 2020

As connected devices proliferate, more and more people are paying attention to the importance of hardware security. Since it started in 2015, hardwear.io has been the only conference in the world dedicated to hardware security.

Some of the top people in the industry will be presenting on the technical and business problems of embedded/IoT/automotive/healthcare/semiconductors security.

Notable talks:

  • Practical reverse engineering of ECC-based authentication device with zero knowledge by Dr Sergei Skorobogatov
  • BadVibes: Sound Recovery using Bulb’s Vibrations by Boris Zadov & Yaron Pirutin
  • JackHammer: Rowhammer and Cache Attacks on Heterogeneous FPGA-CPU Platforms by Daniel Moghimi, Thore Tiemann, Zane Weissman

Hardwear.io is the place to meet those working to identify and solve the hard problems of hardware and firmware security issues related to IoT, automotive, healthcare, telecom, semiconductor, embedded crypto, and industrial controls systems.

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