ManuSec Europe 2024

February 27-28,2024
H4 Munich Messe, München, Germany

The rapid digitalization of the manufacturing sector has left our organizations open to an increasing number of attacks. Manufacturers have become the top targeted industry by cyberattackers in Europe, with ransomware attacks on industrial infrastructure doubling in 2023.

These cyber threats have led our organizations to face an expanded attack surface caused by increased connectivity, with both state sponsored actors and criminal gangs responsible, with attacks heightened in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Consequently, these cyberattacks on the manufacturing industry have far-reaching impacts, affecting operations, supply chains, and ultimately the global economy.

Meanwhile, throughout Europe, common challenges face our manufacturers. Upgrading legacy OT systems, a lack of cyber skills within our companies, and providing third-party access for monitoring and maintenance have all been labelled as key vectors contributing to significant threats.

NIS2 Regulations have also opened up new discussion on how we can best ensure our systems remain secure moving forward. To overcome these challenges, we require high-level skills, succinct processes, new technologies, and thorough awareness that maintains cyber security at the forefront of our businesses’ concerns to ensure we remain safe.

This event will bring together top IT & OT security professionals from across Europe’s biggest manufacturers – tasked with protecting us from the biggest cyber threats facing our manufacturers.

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