Next IT Security Nordics 2024

October 24, 2024
Operakällaren, Stockholm, Sweden

This event will bring together cybersecurity leaders and experts from the Nordic to share knowledge and insights on the latest trends and technologies in the field.

In this edition of C-Suites, the event will delve with some interesting business critical topics.

  • Advanced new technologies in the service of security awareness: Explore how emerging technologies are reshaping Security Awareness programs, empowering organisations with novel tools and strategies.
  • Quantum computing takes center stage: Witness the practical accessibility of quantum computing with the latest market innovations, unravelling a new era of computational possibilities.
  • Unveiling the vulnerable world of IoT: Embark on a journey to the edge of cybersecurity, where IoT vulnerabilities pose unprecedented challenges, and innovative solutions are paramount.
  • NIS2, DORA & GDPR continuing impact: Navigate the evolving landscape shaped by NIS2, DORA, and GDPR regulations, influencing cybersecurity strategies and compliance measures.
  • Cloud challenges – data loss, shared vulnerabilities, and more: Explore the complexities surrounding data loss and recovery, shared vulnerabilities in cloud environments, and the ongoing struggle for control and visibility in the cloud landscape.

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