QA&TEST Safety&Security 2021

March 17-18, 2021

It is unthinkable to consider a system that is safe without being secure and even more today with increasingly complex and more interconnected systems.

A safety failure (let’s take as an example a Smart city or even simpler, a traffic light) can be caused by a hack of our IT systems (Security) and this premise makes us more aware if possible of the importance of addressing these two aspects, safety and security, in an integrated way during the conception, design, development, testing, certification and operation of systems.

We are talking about improving the robustness of systems and it is currently not easy to access methodologies, techniques, tools or standards that allow us to deal effectively with the technical, regulatory, organization and market challenges that such integration demands.

This is the challenge that QA&TEST Safety and Security aims to respond to. The purpose of the conference is to offer our assistants a meeting point with access to approaches and good practices that are being carried out in different sectors with the ultimate goal of developing more competitive and robust solutions for the market with controlled levels of effort and cost.

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