ISSUE 19 (December 2008)
The future of AV
Issue 19 Contributors
Francois Amigorena
Founder and CEO of IS Decisions
Melih Abdulhayoglu
Comodo creator
Pekka Andelin
Malware Researcher at Lavasoft
Debbie Christofferson
Information security manager
Sandro Gauci
Founder of EnableSecurity
Carey Nachenberg
Symantec Fellow in the Security Technology and Response Group
Ulf T. Mattsson
CTO of Protegrity
Chris Overton
VP Product Development at CyberPatrol
Michael Scheidell
President and CTO of SECNAP Network Security Corporation
Carlos Serrao
OWASP Portuguese Chapter Leader
Dr. Steve Slater,
Founder and CEO of Security Compliance Corporation

The future of AV

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Table of contents

  • The future of AV: looking for the good while stopping the bad
  • Eight holes in Windows login controls
  • Extended validation and online security: EV SSL gets the green light
  • Interview with Giles Hogben, an expert on identity and authentication technologies working at ENISA
  • Web filtering in a Web 2.0 world
  • RSA Conference Europe 2008
  • The role of password management in compliance with the data protection act
  • Securing data beyond PCI in a SOA environment: best practices for advanced data protection
  • Three undocumented layers of the OSI model and their impact on security
  • Interview with Rich Mogull, founder of Securosis

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