ISSUE 20 (March 2009)
Mac OS X (in)security
Issue 20 Contributors
Pekka Andelin
Malware Researcher at Lavasoft
Ofir Arkin
Co-founder and CTO of Insightix and Sys-Security Group
Paul Clements
Lead software architect at SteelEye Technology, Inc.
Yarochkin Fyodor
Graduate student at the National Taiwan University
Rick Leclerc
VP Technology Partnerships at Bradford Networks
Alexei Lesnykh
Business Development Manager at DeviceLock
Gary Palgon
Vice President of Product Management for nuBridges
Vimal Patel
Founder of Blueinfy
Kevin Riggins
Senior Information Security Analyst for Principal Financial Group
Darran Rolls
CTO of SailPoint Technologie
Aaron D. Sanders
Organization Information Security Manager for Xerox Global Services
Shreeraj Shah
Founder and director of Blueinf,
Didier Stevens
IT Security Consultant

Mac OS X (in)security

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Table of contents

  • Improving network discovery mechanisms
  • Building a bootable BackTrack 4 thumb drive with persistent changes and Nessus
  • What you need to know about tokenization
  • Q&A: Vincenzo Iozzo on Mac OS X security
  • A framework for quantitative privacy measurement
  • Why fail? Secure your virtual assets
  • Phased deployment of Network Access Control
  • Web 2.0 case studies: challenges, approaches and vulnerabilities
  • ISP level malware filtering
  • Q&A: Scott Henderson on the Chinese underground

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