ISSUE 22 (September, 2009)

Digital certificates

Issue 22 Contributors

Kyle Adams
Lead Software Architect for Mykonos
Jamie Adams
Senior Secure Systems Engineer Trusted Computer Solutions
Taher Elgamal
Chief Security Officer at Axway
Ron Gula
CEO of Tenable Network Security
Michael Hall
CISO for High Security Programs and Director of PC Engineering at DriveSavers Data Recovery
Brent Huston
CEO and Security Evangelist at MicroSolved
Erhan J. Kartaltepe
Associate director of the Institute for Cyber Security at the University of Texas, San Antonio
Alexei Lesnykh
Business Development Director at DeviceLock
Richard Moulds
EVP of product strategy for the information systems security activities of Thales
John Moyer
President and CEO of BeyondTrust
Kyle Parris
Director of Product Management for nuBridges
Jim Peterson
Chief Scientist at PKWARE
Michael T. Raggo
Security technology expert
Yaron Sinai
Founder and CEO of Elementool
Rajender Singh
IT security consultant
Fred Touchette
Senior Security Analyst at AppRiver

Table of contents

  • Using real-time events to drive your network scans
  • The Nmap project: Open source with style
  • A look at geolocation, URL shortening and top Twitter threats
  • Review: Data Locker
  • Making clouds secure
  • Top 5 myths about wireless protection
  • Securing the foundation of IT systems
  • Is your data recovery provider a data security problem?
  • Security for multi-enterprise applications
  • In mashups we trust?

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