ISSUE 23 (November 2009)
Year in review
Issue 23 Contributors
Steve Dispensa
Co-founder and CTO of PhoneFactor
Matt Erasmus
Information security geek
Chris Hadnagy
Developer of the Social Engineering Framework
Marc Hocking
CTO of Becrypt
Nick Lowe
Regional Director for Northern Europe for Check Point
Hugh McCartney
CEO of Cloudmark
Josh Phillips
Senior Virus Researcher at Kaspersky Lab
Kathleen Porter
Partner in the Business Group and chair of the firm’s Intellectual Property and Technology Practice Group
George Sidman
Chairman and Chief Technology Architect at WebLOQ

Year in review

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Table of contents

  • Microsoft’s security patches year in review: A malware researcher’s perspective
  • A closer look at Red Condor Hosted Service
  • Report: RSA Conference Europe 2009, London
  • The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has a vision for stronger information security
  • Q&A: Didier Stevens on malicious PDFs
  • Protecting browsers, endpoints and enterprises against new Web-based attacks
  • Mobile spam: An old challenge in a new guise
  • Report: BruCON security conference, Brussels
  • Study uncovers alarming password usage behavior
  • Elevating email to an enterprise-class database application solution

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