ISSUE 27 (September 2010)
Issue 27 Contributors
Pat Carroll
CEO of ValidSoft
Steve Dispensa
Co-founder and CTO of PhoneFactor
Todd Ignasiak
Director of Product Management at Altor Networks
Michael Leland
CTO at NitroSecurity
Rob McConnell
Market Director within SQS Group
Gideon Rasmussen
Information security manager
Erich Samuel
Information security consultant
Winn Schwartau
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mobile Application Development Partners
Dan Sherman
Information Assurance Research Lead with Telos Corporation


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Table of contents

  • Review: BlockMaster SafeStick secure USB flash drive
  • The devil is in the details: Securing the enterprise against the cloud
  • Cybercrime may be on the rise, but authentication evolves to defeat it
  • Learning from bruteforcers
  • PCI DSS v1.3: Vital to the emerging demand for virtualization and cloud security
  • Security testing – the key to software quality
  • Payment card security: Risk and control assessments
  • Security as a process: Does your security team fuzz?
  • Intelligent security: Countering sophisticated fraud

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