ISSUE 31 (September 2011)
Issue 31 Contributors
Chris Burchett
Co-founder, Head of Development and Product Management of Credant
Jon Callas
CTO at Entrust
Ari Elias-Bachrach
Information security engineer
Michael S. Oberlaender
Chief Security Officer for a European cable network provider
Dean P. Ocampo
Director of Cloud and Compliance Solutions, SafeNet
Harold Moss
CTO Cloud Computing Strategy, IBM
Darran Rolls
CTO of SailPoint


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Table of contents

  • The changing face of hacking
  • Review: [hiddn] Crypto Adapter
  • A tech theory coming of age
  • SecurityByte 2011: Cyber conflicts, cloud computing and printer hacking
  • The need for foundational controls in cloud computing
  • A new approach to data centric security
  • The future of identity verification through keystroke dynamics
  • Visiting Bitdefender’s headquarters
  • Rebuilding walls in the clouds
  • Testing Domino applications
  • Report: Black Hat 2011 USA
  • Safeguarding user access in the cloud with identity governance

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