ISSUE 34 (June 2012)
Android malware
Issue 34 Contributors
Megan Bell
Director of Analysis at Kivu Consulting
Jaime Blasco
Head of labs at AlienVault
Robert Bloomquist
Principal Data Recovery Engineer for Kroll Ontrack
Marcus Carey
Security researcher at Rapid7
Jim Farley
Security Specialist at Adapt
Tim Keanini
CTO at nCircle
Robert Keeler
Data security consultant
Winston Krone
Managing Director of Kivu Consulting
David Logue
Lead Remote Data Recovery Engineer for Kroll Ontrack
Nick Owen
Co-founder and CEO of WiKID Systems

Android malware

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Table of contents

  • Fitness as a model for security
  • Security and migrating to the cloud: Is it all doom and gloom?
  • Solid state drives: Forensic preservation issues
  • Introduction to Android malware analysis
  • Hack in The Box Conference 2012 Amsterdam
  • ISO 27001 standard: Breaking the documentation myth with Dejan Kosutic
  • Preparing a breach response plan
  • Security beyond the operating system: Into the cloud and beyond
  • Amphion Forum 2012 Munich
  • The challenges of data recovery from modern storage systems
  • Two-factor authentication for the cloud: Does it have to be hard?

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