ISSUE 35 (December 2012)
Scripting with Nmap
Issue 35 Contributors
Paul Anderson
West Point graduate
Steven Billington
Senior at West Point
Gregory Conti
Director of West Point’s Cyber Research Center
Alex Farmer
West Point graduate
Carlos Garcia Prado
IT security consultant
Péter Gyöngyösi
Product Manager at BalaBit IT Security
Cory Kirk
Senior at West Point
Jacob Kitchel
Senior Manager of Security and Compliance at Industrial Defender
Patrick Shaffer
West Point graduate
Edward Sobiesk
Director of West Point’s Information Technology Program
Kyle Stammer
West Point graduate
Didier Stevens
IT Security Consultant at Contraste Europe NV
Darren Suprina
IT Systems Designer at Stonesoft
Gavin Watson
Senior Security Engineer and Head of the Social Engineering Team at RandomStorm

Scripting with Nmap

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Table of contents

  • Administrative scripting with Nmap
  • Information security in Europe with ENISA Executive Director Prof. Udo Helmbrecht
  • Unintended, malicious and evil applications of augmented reality
  • The enemy at the gate
  • Top five hurdles to security and compliance in industrial control systems
  • How to monitor the blind spots in your IT system: Logging versus auditing
  • DBI aid reverse engineering: Pinpointing interesting code
  • The importance of data normalization in IPS

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