ISSUE 36 (December 2012)
Security awareness
Issue 36 Contributors
Keith Chval
Co-founder of Protek International
Adam Evans
Senior Security Solutions Consultant for the UK, Ireland & Middle East, NetIQ
Erhan J. Kartaltepe
Manager at Pariveda Solutions
Philip Lieberman
President at Lieberman Software Corporation
Gary McCully
Security consultant on the Risk Management team at SecureState

Security awareness

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Table of contents

  • What makes security awareness training successful?
  • Review – Incapsula: Enterprise-grade website security
  • Five questions for Microsoft’s Worldwide Chief Security Advisor
  • Computer forensic examiners are from Mars, attorneys are from Venus
  • In the field: RSA Conference 2012 Europe
  • A mobile environment security assessment
  • Hack In The Box CEO on the information security landscape
  • In the field: IRISSCERT Cybercrime Conference 2012
  • Comply or die: The importance of a business-centric approach to compliance
  • Hackers can get in when systems are off: The risks of lights out management
  • It’s just the guest wireless network… right?

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