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Bastille awarded a Phase 5 OTA from DHS

Bastille announced it has been awarded a Phase 5 Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate’s …

Radio frequency: An invisible espionage threat to enterprises

You can’t see it, but corporate airspaces are under attack via radio frequencies. Foreign governments, competitors and cyber criminals are all conducting radio-based attacks …

Emergency alert systems used across the US can be easily hijacked

A vulnerability affecting emergency alert systems supplied by ATI Systems, one of the leading suppliers of warning sirens in the USA, could be exploited remotely via radio …

Low-cost wireless keyboards open to keystroke sniffing and injection attacks

Bastille Networks researcher Marc Newlin has discovered a set of security vulnerabilities in low-cost wireless keyboards that could be exploited to collect all passwords, …

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