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What can be done about the rising click interception threat?

Ad networks’ increasingly successful efforts to detect bot-based ad click fraud has forced attackers to focus more on intercepting and redirecting legitimate users’ …

Modern browser APIs can be abused for hijacking device resources

Powerful capabilities of modern browser APIs could be misused by attackers to take control of a site visitor’s browser, add it to their botnet, and use it for a variety of …

Porn clicker
Porn Clicker Android malware hits Google Play hard

In a little over seven months, cybercriminals using click-jacking mobile malware to earn affiliate income have managed to push over 340 instances of the malware into Google …

EU flag
Cyber crooks abuse legitimate EU Cookie Law notices in clever clickjacking campaign

Cyber crooks have set up a clever new clickjacking campaign that takes advantage of pop-up alerts that European users are (by now) accustomed to see: the “EU Cookie …

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