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Domain security remains an underutilized component to curb attacks

Despite the shift to modernize business environments and operations among the Global 2000 companies, web domains remain dangerously under protected, according to CSC. CSC’s …

Leading domain name registrars suffered data breach

Web technology company and its subsidiaries – domain name registrars and Network Solutions – have suffered a data breach. What happened? …

How criminals abuse IDNs to conduct malicious activities

New research from Farsight Security examines the prevalence and distribution of IDN lookalike domain names, also called homographs, over a 12-month period with a focus on 466 …

EU whois
Will GDPR be the death of WHOIS?

Two cybersecurity and privacy attorneys recently argued that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will interfere with the availability of the WHOIS database and will …

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