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Graylog API Security enables organizations to identify and classify APIs

Graylog released a free version of Graylog API Security. This API discovery and monitoring tool makes API security accessible to enterprises of all sizes at a time when …

API security in 2024: Predictions and trends

As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented pace, so does the complexity of API (application programming interface) security. With the proliferation of APIs in …

Graylog 5.1 optimizes threat detection and response

Graylog announced at the RSA Conference 2023 Graylog 5.1 with new incident investigation and enhancements to its cybersecurity solution. Currently available in Beta, version …

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Graylog Security provides security teams with ML-based anomaly detection solutions

Graylog, a global provider of next-generation log management and SIEM solutions, is announcing Graylog Security. Designed to overcome legacy Security Information & Event …

Securing a hybrid workforce with log management

Moving to a remote workforce in response to the pandemic stay-at-home orders meant that IT departments needed to address new risks, e.g., insecure home networks. However, as …

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