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Hackers leverage flaw in Cisco switches to hit Russian, Iranian networks

The proof-of-concept exploit code for a vulnerability affecting many Cisco switches has been leveraged by vigilante hackers to mess with networks and data-centers in Russia …

Hacker who tried to spring friend from jail will end up in prison himself

A Michigan man by the name of Konrads Voits pleaded guilty to hacking Washtenaw County’s computer network and changing the Washtenaw County Jail records, with the intent …

After hack, security researchers probe Deloitte’s security posture

It’s difficult – if not impossible – for any organization to keep their networks and systems completely safe from knowledgeable, well-resourced and …

Hackers backdoored CCleaner, likely affecting millions of users

Legitimately signed but backdoored versions of the popular CCleaner utility were available for download from the developer’s Web site and servers for nearly a month, …

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