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industry biohazard
Beware of password-cracking software for PLCs and HMIs!

A threat actor is targeting industrial engineers and operators with trojanized password-cracking software for programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and human-machine …

Open-source tool for hardening commonly used HMI/SCADA system

Otorio, a provider of OT security and digital risk management solutions, released an open-source tool designed for hardening the security of GE Digital’s CIMPLICITY, one …

AutomationDirect C-more Touch Panels
Touch panels deployed in critical infrastructure vulnerable to remote attacks

Manufacturing facilities and processing centers using AutomationDirect C-more Touch Panels are advised to upgrade their firmware ASAP, as older versions contain a high-risk …

SCADA systems plagued by insecure development and slow patching

“Behind most modern conveniences, there exists a SCADA system somewhere that controls them,” Trend Micro researchers pointed out in a new report that delves in the …

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