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Cisco Jabber
Cisco re-patches wormable Jabber RCE flaw

In September 2020, Cisco patched four Jabber vulnerabilities (including one wormable RCE flaw), but as it turns out, three of four have not been sufficiently mitigated. The …

Cisco Jabber
Cisco patches critical, wormable RCE flaw in Cisco Jabber

Cisco has patched four vulnerabilities in its Jabber client for Windows, the most critical of which (CVE-2020-3495) could allow attackers to achieve remote code execution by …

Cybercriminals are using IM platforms as marketplaces

Cybercriminals are increasingly using IM platforms like Telegram, Discord, Jabber, WhatsApp, IRC and others to advertise and sell their goods and services, IntSight …

Cisco Jabber
Cisco Jabber flaw allows MitM attackers to wiretap communications

A vulnerability in Cisco’s Jabber client for Windows can be exploited by attackers to wiretap communications, steal user credentials, and to tamper with messages sent …

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