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Linux updated
XZ Utils backdoor update: Which Linux distros are affected and what can you do?

UPDATE: April 9, 09:23 AM ET A new story has been published: XZ Utils backdoor: Detection tools, scripts, rules The news that XZ Utils, a compression utility present in most …

Nimbuspwn bugs allow attackers to gain root privileges on some Linux machines (CVE-2022-29799, CVE-2022-29800)

Microsoft has unearthed two security vulnerabilities (CVE-2022-29799, CVE-2022-29800) in the networkd-dispatcher daemon that may be exploited by attackers to gain root on many …

RemotePC adds new features for Linux remote access

RemotePC has updated their remote access for Linux offering with new features: Linux Remote Sound – enables users to listen to audio files from the remote machine on …

Linux Mint
Linux Mint hack: Backdoored ISOs, stolen forums database

The web properties of the project developing Linux Mint have been compromised, and the attacker managed to put up a backdoored version of the distro for download for a little …

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