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Key reasons holding back MFA adoption by mainframe customers

While 64 per cent of mainframers are aware that multi-factor authentication (MFA) is now available to control access to mainframe applications, only 20 per cent acknowledge …

Macro 4’s session manager improves mainframe security through roll-out of MFA

Macro 4 has launched a new version of the Tubes for z/OS session management software that enables enterprises to roll out IBM’s multi-factor authentication system for z/OS as …

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IT chiefs keep obsolete systems running just to keep data accessible

89 per cent of IT decision makers in UK enterprises admit they are keeping old or legacy applications alive just to keep the historical data accessible, according to a new …

Is your mainframe security GDPR compliant?

Only one in four IBM mainframe customers questioned in a new UK survey are confident that their system security complies with the incoming General Data Protection Regulation …

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