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How effective are public-private partnerships?

Ninety-three percent of cyber decision-makers say public-private partnerships are vital to national defense, but only 34 percent believe they are very effective, according to …

zero trust
How ready are federal agencies for zero trust implementation?

More than 70 percent of federal agencies are aggressively adopting zero trust principles, while another 26 percent are adopting where they feel it makes sense, according to a …

White House
The cybersecurity executive order is not all it’s cracked up to be

Seventy-two percent of federal cybersecurity leaders say the White House’s May 2021 Cybersecurity Executive Order (EO) addresses only a fraction of today’s cybersecurity …

Moving toward a reality where breaches are not a given

Ninety-one percent of cybersecurity leaders say they want to see their organization shift from ‘assume breach’ to breach prevention in the next three years, according to a …

What steps should agencies take to better prepare for a multi-cloud future?

Agencies do not feel prepared to manage current multi-cloud environments. While most Federal IT decision makers say their agency already uses multiple cloud platforms (81 …

Federal and SLED IT managers say AI will be a game changer

AI is not a concept of the future, a MeriTalk study confirms. A new study, underwritten by Arrow and NetApp, surveyed 300 Federal, state, local, and higher education (SLED) IT …

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