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SSH vulnerability exploitable in Terrapin attacks (CVE-2023-48795)

Security researchers have discovered a vulnerability (CVE-2023-48795) in the SSH cryptographic network protocol that could allow an attacker to downgrade the …

OpenSSH adds protection against Spectre, Meltdown, RAMBleed

OpenSSH, a widely used suite of programs for secure (SSH protocol-based) remote login, has been equipped with protection against side-channel attacks that could allow …

Old and new OpenSSH backdoors threaten Linux servers

OpenSSH, a suite of networking software that allows secure communications over an unsecured network, is the most common tool for system administrators to manage rented Linux …

Quickly audit and adjust SSH server configurations with SSH-audit

SSH-audit is a standalone open source tool for auditing and fixing SSH server configurations. It has no dependencies and will run wherever Python is available. It supports …

SSHowDowN Proxy attacks using IoT devices

Akamai’s Threat Research team has identified a recent spate of SSHowDowN Proxy attacks whereby attackers are using Internet of Things (IoT) devices to remotely generate …

Flaw allows malicious OpenSSH servers to steal users’ private SSH keys

Qualys researchers have discovered two vulnerabilities in the popular OpenSSH implementation of the secure shell protocol, one of which (CVE-2016-0777) could be exploited by …

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