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8220 gang exploits old Oracle WebLogic vulnerability to deliver infostealers, cryptominers

The 8220 gang has been leveraging an old Oracle WebLogic Server vulnerability (CVE-2020-14883) to distribute malware, the Imperva Threat Research team has found. About 8220 …

Easily exploitable RCE in Oracle WebLogic Server under attack (CVE-2020-14882)

A critical and easily exploitable remote code execution vulnerability (CVE-2020-14882) in Oracle WebLogic Server is being targeted by attackers, SANS ISC has warned. Oracle …

Another Oracle WebLogic Server RCE under active exploitation

Oracle has released an out-of-band fix for CVE-2019-2729, a critical deserialization vulnerability in a number of versions of Oracle WebLogic Server, and is urging customers …

Attackers actively exploiting Atlassian Confluence and Oracle WebLogic flaws

Attackers are actively exploiting recently fixed vulnerabilities in Oracle WebLogic and the Widget Connector macro in Atlassian Confluence to deliver ransomware, mine …

Researchers flag new Oracle WebLogic zero-day RCE flaw

Attackers looking to compromise Oracle WebLogic servers for their own needs have a new zero-day RCE flaw at their disposal. “Oracle WebLogic wls9_async and wls-wsat …

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